1 minute video presenting Chia's keynote Happiness at work


Happiness at work

Empowering Talks in English, French and Mandarin

Happiness is contagious, make your employees happier for the success of your business!

According to Gallup’s research report, less than 30% of American and Canadian workers are fully engaged. However, a company with happy employees reduces 10 times absenteeism and is 20% more efficient than its competition. With her humanity and positive energy, Chia demystifies through case studies, anecdotes and simple exercises:

  • The link between individual well-being and the financial success of your business;
  • Your happiness inspired by Asiatic wisdom;
  • Emotional intelligence and its positive impact;
  • Stress management;
  • Self-motivation and how to motivate your team.

After this conference, your employees will be better equipped and be more enthusiastic about their work!

Keynote Duration: 60 minutes.

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