Happiness of sleep

Do you sleep well night after night? Does the quality of your sleep energize you enough?

This morning I read 於娟 Yujuan’s story. A Chinese university professor who passed away at the age of 32. Only one year before her death, she was at the peak of her life: a young baby in her arms, her head upon the shoulder of her husband, PhD obtained at a renowned American university, a brilliant career in China…

Suddenly, she was told she was entering the terminal phase of her cancer. During the last months of her life, she did everything she could to find out why this illness happened to her so young since nobody in her family has cancer. She documented her research, analysis and reflection into a public breast cancer journal.

“Happiness and health are fundamental. Without them, life makes no sense. The stress we have on gaining higher social status and having a bigger house is the cause of our overactivity. I finally understand that my mortality is caused by my own ignorance of youth. I had very bad life habits, I was only prolonging my active hours by hypothecating my sleep. I always thought that I was young and no need to worry about sleeping late and short, my life was functional. Go out for a drink with my friends, study, work, watch one more TV show… There are so many reasons, whether good or bad, to mortgage my sleep. Today I realize I committed suicide little by little by conditioning my body to sleep less and to go to bed after 2am, my system simply couldn’t generate enough vitality. It’s too late for me but it’s not too late for you. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and make prevention!” Explained this young woman on the last page of her diary who left us in 2011.

Feel resonated with this story? According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 62% of adults sleep poorly at least a few nights a week, one in three suffers from insomnia and one in eight people lives with this chronic health problem. In 2016, a productivity loss of US $ 18 billion is expected due to the poor quality of sleep of American workers.

Besides this heavy economic loss, what do we lose? Obviously we lose our happiness of sleep in a first place. And if we do not prioritize our sleep, we lose with time our health, our well-being, our good humor, our motivation, our concentration, our memory, our discipline, our immune protection… and some even lose their mobility or their lives as a result of accidents caused by fatigue.

For my part, even if I sleep early, with several stressors in life, I find it difficult to maintain a constant and energizing rest. For my health and for yours, I returned to my source “Millenary Asian wisdom” and I share with you

6 life changing steps to increase your happiness of sleep

Recognize that fatigue and insomnia are the signals thrown by your body “Help me!”.
According to Chinese medicine, your gallbladder, your liver, your meridian system work actively between 11pm and 3am to filter out the old cells and to create new ones. Make sure you fall asleep before 11pm and let your organs detox for you.
Take a few minutes to power nap. Did you know that in Taiwan several companies close the light at noon so that employees can push the human reset button? Several studies have shown that a 20-minute nap increases your cognitive functions, in other words, your brain becomes more powerful.
Avoid caffeine in the afternoon. Drink tea then? It depends, because the teas also contain caffeine. Personally, I love to wake up by the perfume of a good cappuccino; however, in the afternoon, my favorite drink is pu-erh tea which contains little caffeine. Not only does pu-erh tea refresh our mind, it also improves our digestive system working as a natural detox to remove fat and cholesterol. That’s why Asians call it slimming tea.
Imagine your bed as your healing temple, do not bring in any electronic devices or negative thinking. * My new habit since one month, loving it!
Love yourself. If your kid is tired, you will do absolutely EVERYTHING to make him sleep well and long enough, am I right? Why would you treat yourself differently?
I learn to take better care of myself and I encourage you to do the same!

What other ways have you used that boost your sleep quality?

Chia-Yi Tung

Chia-Yi Tung is the founder of Smile with Chia and Orchimedia. Bicultural communicator, she brings Asian wisdom to business leaders and advises companies like Airport of Montreal, Beijing Tourism, Bombardier, Camso, Celine Dion, Cirque du Soleil, NBC and Telefilm Canada to grow their international recognition. Les Affaires business journal identifies her one of the top 25 future creators, ELLE Quebec entitles her among the women of the year and YCPA names her the entrepreneur of the year. Born in Taipei, resided in Seattle and lives in Montreal, Chia-Yi speaks fluently Mandarin, English and French.

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