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Happiness Workshop Group Coaching


To undertake the most important of all your projects: your happiness!

Anxious? Stressed?

I'll share life-changing Asian wisdom with you and lead you to transform yourself from anxiety to happiness.


+ Center yourself + Develop your creativity + Learn the Asian art of living + Harmonize the 8 spheres of your life + Identify and prioritize your goals + Adopt good habits to boost your energy + Achieve lasting change + Live your happiness with your true self.

For whom

For Top managers and professionals looking for a healthy work-life balance inspired by the millenary Asian wisdom.

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Get You Centered
Harmonize Your Work-Life

    • Designed for professionals
    • 3-hour off-the-job group coaching
    • Asian wisdom to harmonize the 8 spheres of your life
    • Unique experience to live with people with similar interests
    • 8-15 participants per group
    • Specialty tea, exercise book and personalized poster included

    • Designed for small businesses
    • 3-hour in-company group coaching
    • Asian wisdom to boost your energy and motivation
    • Unique experience to live with your team members
    • 8-15 participants per group
    • Specialty tea, exercise book and personalized poster included

Happy Testimonials

I drove 3 hours to follow Chia's coaching session, what brought me here is her story and what she has accomplished in business. Chia's coaching method is very interesting and her knowledge is rich. By her graphic "Great wheel of life", I see clearly what is essential in my life, this is an excellent method. She demystifies the highly structured management with humanity; it's trendy for top managers to bring mindfulness to the office. Coming out of Chia's coaching session, I feel more energized and organized. 3 hours session is very rich, I am very happy!

Christian Ferland

Christian Ferland

President, IDENTITE+

It's a great success! All students enjoyed Chia's group coaching. I really appreciated her dynamic presentation and rich teaching content. Her coaching approach is original and refreshing! She gave me very relevant tools to better perform. She also brought me back to my center and helped me to focus because we live in a society full of distractions. Her dashboard perfectly synthesizes different life spheres and facilitates the tracking of our progress in each sphere. Following her recommendations and guidance helps me achieve my goals. Thank you very much!

Thu-Ha To

Thu-Ha To

President, COGI-PME INC.

Within 3 hours, a very comprehensive guide to life that allows us to refocus in all aspects of our day-to-day. My work axes have been identified today and I am confident to measure my happiness progress with Chia's dashboard. Thanks again for the coaching workshop, very interesting and full of dynamism; I love the structure of life into 8 spheres.

Clement Bouvard

Clement Bouvard

Engineer and transport project manager, GIRO

Chia brings us back to common sense and in relation with our surroundings. She woke us up on some aspects of life that we need to pay more attention to. Her graph tells us where to make changes. Her presentation is very beautiful and clear, I love it. The colours and visuals are well used, everything is perfect! I recommend this positive workshop to my friends!

Dave McKinley

Dave McKinley

Real Estate Agent, Century 21

I would like to thank you again for the happiness workshop, it was very positive for me and I made excellent resolutions following this wonderful group coaching session.

Chantal Z. Leduc

Chantal Z. Leduc

Senior Financial Planner, Royal Bank of Canada

Is tea good for you?

Chia talks about the health benefits of pu-erh tea


Special thanks to managers and professionals in different sectors of activity who agreed to be photographed during the happiness seminar: Clement Bouvard, Engineer and Project Manager, GIRO; Chantal Leduc, Financial Planner, Royal Bank of Canada; Thu-Ha To, President, Cogi-PME Inc.; Christian Ferland, President, Identite+; Dave McKinley, Real estate broker, Century 21; Jean-Paul Servant, President, Bresibec International; Esther Pelchat, Business Etiquette and Protocol Consultant; Mireille Kamdem, Logistics Manager; Caroline Casabon, Project manager, International Civil Aviation Organization.