How to become an expert

Professionals often asks me “Chia, how to become a recognized and respected specialist?” Legendary golfer Arnold Palmer quoted

“Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.”

“賣油翁 – mài yóu wēnɡ – The old oil seller” is a millenary Chinese story to second the benefits of living with determination.

On a beautiful day, a large crowd gathered around an archer. One arrow after another, he shot accurately at his target from a great distance of 80 meters. Wow, what a performance! Everybody applauded… except one old man. The bowman, unhappy with the reaction of this old man, approached him and asked: “Can you do what I do?” The senior smiled and answered: “No. However, I can show you something else.” The old man placed on the ground a bottle with a narrow and long neck, and then he carefully stacked several chairs one on top of the other. Once he climbed onto the top of stacked chairs, he started to pour oil into the bottle on the floor. Total silence, all hold their breath to watch this unbelievable golden thread from top to bottom formed by the movement of oil. No single oil drop has been splashed on the bottle’s rim.

The senior looked at his audience, smiled and humbly explained: “Practice makes perfect, I repeat this action every day since 30 years. If you start practicing now, you can achieve what you desire as well.”

What do you want to practice in your life? Positive attitude or negative one? Arrogance or openness? Your choice is determinant because you will become an expert of what you practice.

Chia-Yi Tung

Chia-Yi Tung is the founder of Smile with Chia and Orchimedia. Bicultural communicator, she brings Asian wisdom to business leaders and advises companies like Airport of Montreal, Beijing Tourism, Bombardier, Camso, Celine Dion, Cirque du Soleil, NBC and Telefilm Canada to grow their international recognition. Les Affaires business journal identifies her one of the top 25 future creators, ELLE Quebec entitles her among the women of the year and YCPA names her the entrepreneur of the year. Born in Taipei, resided in Seattle and lives in Montreal, Chia-Yi speaks fluently Mandarin, English and French.

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